Made a new font named Festival Jomfruer. I made some headings/intro text for a new online series over @ NRK P3 named “Festival Jomfruer” (festival virgins) So, after drawing a lot of letters, I found out that I might just make a font out of it. And of course it should be free.
So play around, but hey! Send me a image or two if you end up using this font for your project. Cool? And I will appreciate some credits.

Download Festival Jomfruer here.

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Åh! Fint! Jeg skulle ønske ønske veldig at det også var samiske bokstaver med.. :) á č đ ŋ š ŧ ž

Susanne added these pithy words on Oct 20 10 at 1:41 pm

Hei Susanne. Bør jo lage disse bokstavene da. Siden det er et ønske. Skal se hva jeg får gjort :)

Rashid added these pithy words on Oct 21 10 at 12:36 am

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